Q. What is a MagClip?

A. Two plastic coated magnetic discs, which fit internally and externally to the aquarium glass by the force of attraction, the internal magnetic disc is threaded to accommodate up to six different sized clips (supplied), the external magnetic disc has thumb grips for easy relocation.

Q. What size glass have MagClips been tested on?

A.ZooMed MagClips have been tested up to a thickness of 12mm (0.5 inch) of glass.

Q. Is it protected?

A.Yes, MAGCLIP® is a registered trademark, and has a PATENT PENDING.

Q. How do I order?

A. Place your order through the MAGCLIP® STORE here http://www.magclip.co.uk/store

Q. Who do I contact?

A.Contact us MAGCLIP® http://www.magclip.co.uk/contact/

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